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Adult Bibs /Waterproof bibs Clothing Protectors/Drooling protection/Spills

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  Price: $0.10

Adult Flannel Bib Shirt protector*ON SALE* $15.00
Flannel Shirt Protector without buttons and Pockets. Has waterproof backing. Very popular. Call for Bulk pricing.
  Price: $15.00

Adult Bib Mealtime Protector
The most durable of all of our bibs. This adult bib clothing protector is a One size fits all mealtime clothing protector in attractive prints. Has Vinyl backing and is unbelievable in industrial washings.BULK PRICING 100+ $ 13.00 1-800-422-2348
  Price: $15.00

Adult Bib Long XL Vest
Adult bib Clothing protector vest that has the look of a regular vest and 6 inches longer for a little lap coverage. Fits all sizes. This bib for adults is a dressier alternative to the standard terry cloth bib and is reversable. Comes with waterproof lining stitched inside and a velcro tab closure.Colors listed.Solid colored fronts w/solid backs.24"long from neckline. 100+ $13.50 1-800-422-2348
  Price: $16.00

Adult Jersey Protector with and catch all pocket*ON SALE* $14.00
Adult jersey protector with water repelling backing with catch all. Nylon Front with waterproof polyester backing
  Price: $14.00

Adult Bib Terry Cloth Mealtime Protector with food catch * ON Sale* $ 13
Terri Cloth adult bib mealtime protector. The absorbent front terry cloth is ideal for wiping mouth and the backing is designed to keep your clothes clean and dry.This is a great bib for adults. Machine washable. BULK PRICING 50-99 Pieces 13.50 100+ $ 12.50 1-800-422-2348
  Price: $13.00

Adult Bib vest*New Stock*
Adult Bib vest that has the look of a regular vest the bib goes to the waistline. Fits great for height 5 '10' and smaller. This bib for adults is a dressier alternative to the standard terry cloth bib and is reversable. Comes with waterproof lining stitched inside and a velcro tab closure.Colors listed.Solid colored fronts w/printed backs if not listed. 16" Long from neckline to bottom . 17 " wide. 100+ $12.50ea.CAll 1-800-422-2348.
  Price: $15.00

Adult Bibs T-Shirt protector
Adult bib Clothing protector or bib for adults is a t-shirt that has the look of a regular t-shirt. Has 3 snaps on the back. Waterprooflining on the opposite side of the shirt. 100 + 13.50 ea. 1-800-422-2348
  Price: $15.00

Adult Bib Bandana with Terry cloth backing
Adult Bib Clothing protector bandana that has adjustable snap closures and Thick terrycloth lining on the back This adult bib Protects clothing during dining. 1-800-422-2348 NEW Holiday Colors
  Price: $9.50

Adult Wheelchair Mealtime bib
This Adult bib has a Distinctive Design that allows the resident's hands and arms to be free, yet cover wheelchair's arms...No more dropping food between the wheelchair's arms,seat,or other impossible to clean places.28 " long from the neckline Bulk pricing available with 50-99 pc. at 22.50 and 100+ pc. at 20.00
  Price: $25.00

Adult bib Reversible XL Vest Protector w/ Terry Cloth
Our most popular reversible xl vest gets even more versatile. Now, it reverses to a terry cloth front for more absorbency. Piece price $ 19.95. 50-99 17.95 100 + 15.95 SEE PICTURE ON FRONT PAGE OF WEBSITE
  Price: $19.94

Adult Bib Clothing Protector - Lapkin
this adult bib is an Alternative to standard napkins. A new dimension in clothing protection. These economical,absorbant adult bib protectors cover a large surface area, ensuring effective spill protection. In addition, they provide a dignified appearance.18" X 20" BULK PRICING 50-99 pieces $ 7.95 100+ $ 6.95 1-800-422-2348
  Price: $9.00

Vest and Bandito compo pack
We recommend this combo for those that need extra clothing protection. Bandito and Vest work very well together
  Price: $22.50

Wheel Chair protector Mesh
New Wheelchair protector with mesh front and waterproof Backing Large protector that fits over a wheel chair. Spills just slip off.
  Price: $23.00

Adult Bib Clothing Protector - Smoker Bib
The smoker bib protects smokers from burning accidents.
  Price: $55.00

Printed and Stripe T-shirt Protector Bib
This Adult and Young Adult styled clothing protector has a sporty T-shirt front and a waterproof lined backing. Comes with 3 snap closures. 100+ $13.50 800-422-2348
  Price: $15.00


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